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Scrum Inc. Scrum Trainer Alisa Stolze
Scrum Inc. Scrum Trainer Alisa Stolze

Scrum Certification Training for the Scrum Inc. Scrum Master

Scrum Inc Scrum - the Scrum that really works.

Jeff Sutherland launched the Scrum Inc. Scrum Program in August 2019 to share his experience with Scrum. In this interactive workshop, participants will learn his perspective and how to do Scrum successfully.

The first experiments with Scrum came about because previous work systems didn't work: Deliverables could not be delivered or were delivered late, customers were dissatisfied, teams were burned out. Classic management methods did not bring effective changes. Using scientific methods, Jeff Sutherland researched how systems could be changed, and in each case immediately delivered different results. His experience of over 35 years with Scrum is the core of this workshop.

In this workshop, participants will learn the background behind classic work systems, what it takes to change them, and why data plays an important role. Based on this, we will clarify how Jeff Sutherland's special background helps to keep the focus on the desired goals: delivering results and more value faster, satisfied customers and happy teams.

After this workshop, participants will have mastered the basics of Scrum and will be able to get started with Scrum. They have a deep understanding of roles, how artifacts are used, what to look for in events, and how these elements of Scrum work together. They know how teams can continuously improve and what Scrum Patterns they can use to do so. An insight into Jeff Sutherland's Scrum@Scale helps as an introduction if Scrum is to be used with multiple teams or networks of teams.

A special feature of this certification is that the original certification exam can also be taken in German.

The fees for the Scrum Inc. certification are already included in the course price. The Scrum exam should be taken within 60 days after completion of the course.

The seminar is held in German language with original German documentation and certified / accredited trainer of Scrum.Inc.

Duration 2 days.

The fee for the certification as  Scrum Master by Scrum Inc, also in German, is included in the course price and can be taken by the participants after the training. The certification should be taken within 30 days after completion of the course.

This seminar is held in cooperation with Scruminc the company of Jeff Sutherland.



Course Topics

Scrum Inc. Scrum Master mit Jeff Sutherland und Peter Fischbach


  • Where does Scrum come from and why is it successful?
  • How did Scrum come into being?
  • Lean Product Management
  • Values, principles and ways of thinking
  • The Agile Manifesto
  • How does Scrum work?
  • Scrum - theory and its implementation in practice
  • The Scrum Framework: Roles, Meetings, Artifacts
  • Which roles are there and what are their tasks?
  • ROI, planning and communication
  • The team and self-organization
  • The Scrum Master - his tasks and the understanding of his role -
  • The Product Owner and the handling of requirements, prioritizing,
  • What are the minimum meetings needed? (Scrum Events & Activities)
  • How does the Scrum Team plan its work? (Sprint Planning)
  • How does the team plan its daily work and stay focused? (Daily Scrum)
  • How are the results reviewed? (Sprint Review)
  • How does the team improve? (Sprint Retrospective)
  • How does the Scrum team improve its understanding of the requirements? (Refinement)
  • What are the minimum artifacts needed by the Scrum Team?
  • How are requirements collected centrally? (Product Backlog)
  • How does the team keep track of its tasks? (Sprint Backlog)
  • What is the result of the implemented requirements? (Potentially Shippable Product Increment)
  • How do successful teams apply Scrum? (Scrum Good Practices)
  • How do requirements for the team emerge from a product vision?
  • How are requirements formulated? (User Stories)
  • How are requirements estimated? (Relative Estimation and Planning Poker)
  • How does a Scrum team plan its work? (Velocity, Forecast & Release Planning)
  • How does a team plan for disruptions? (Interrupt Buffer)
  • How does a team measure its progress (sprint & release burndown)?
  • How does a team improve meetings?
  • How does a team improve over the long term?
  • How does a team negotiate its work rules (e.g., Ready and Done)?
  • How do multiple teams working on a product share ideas? (Scaling Scrum)
  • How do teams work together that are physically separated? (Distributed Scrum)
  • How does the organization support Scrum?
  • How do the executives support and who drives the agile transition? (Executive action team, escalation of barriers).
  • How does the organization align around common goals? (Enterprise Backlog)
  • How is an enterprise backlog created? (Product Owner Organization & MetaScrum)
  • How do product owners, leadership, and stakeholders exchange ideas? (MetaScrum)
  • How can Scrum be introduced?



Scrum Inc. Scrum Mater (Exercise)

The course is specifically designed for Scrum Masters and experienced practitioners who want to initiate, lead or co-lead Scrum projects in organizations. However, the seminar is also suitable for anyone whose role involves the continuous improvement of a development team. If you are responsible for the successful application and/or implementation of Scrum in a project or an organization, this course is the right choice.

This course is explicitly not only for people from software development but also addresses teams and people from other disciplines such as sales, marketing, finance, senior management.


As preparation for the course we recommend to read the "Scrum Guide" ( by Ken Schwaber and Jeff Sutherland.

Course Completion/Certificate:

Course participants who have a total of no more than 2 absent hours in class will be admitted to the Scrum Inc. Scrum-Master certification exam.

The fees for the Scrum Inc. certification are already included in the course price. The Scrum exam should be taken within 60 days after completion of the course.

After successful completion of the exam, Scruminc will issue the Scrum Master certificate.

Meinung unserer Teilnehmer:

CSM (Scrum) Schulung mit Jeff Sutherland besucht. Sehr empfehlenswert! Der Spaßfaktor muss ich auch erwähnen.
Joseba Libano, Talanx Systeme AG
Great course with excellenct trainers!
Marcel H.
Hi Jean Pierry, cooles Event vergangene Woche. Let's stay in touch! Viele Grüße Johannes
Johannes S., Visual Meta GmbH



Interview mit Jeff

Alisa Stolze

Alisa Stolzes Portraitbild

Alisa Stolze ist die erste deutsche zertifizierte Scrum@Scale und eduScrum-Trainerin in Deutschland. Scrum hat Alisa direkt vom Erfinder Jeff Sutherland gelernt und wurde von ihm als Scrum Master und Scrum Product Owner sowie zur Scrum@Scale Trainerin ausgebildet und zertifiziert. ...

Weiterlesen …

Peter Fischbach

Peter Fischbachs Portraitbild

Peter Fischbach studierte Schauspiel und Informatik. Er trainiert regelmäßig mit dem Scrum Erfinder Jeff Sutherland Teammitglieder und Führungskräfte und ist weltweit einer der ersten zertifizierten Trainer für Scrum@Scale™, die mit Scrum@Scale™ gesamte Organisationen nach Scrum ausrichten.

Weiterlesen …

Dirk Fritsch

Dirk Fritsch

Dirk Fritsch ist akkreditierter Trainer der Scrum Inc., erfahrener und zertifizierter Scrum Master (PSM II), Product Owner (PSPO III) sowie Certified Requirements/Demand Spezialist und besitzt den IREB CPRE Advanced Level RE@Agile.
Vom Scrum Erfinder Jeff Sutherland und der Atlantic Systems Guild im Bereich Requirements Engineering ausgebildet, gibt Dirk sein Wissen in Trainings und Workshops mit fundierten Fach- und Praxiskenntnissen weiter....

Weiterlesen …

Jean Pierre Berchez

Jean Pierre Berchez's Portraitbild (Zertifizierter Scrum-Trainer der

Jean Pierre Berchez ist seit 1992 im Bereich Informationstechnologien mit dem Schwerpunkt Software-Engineering und Projektmanagement tätig.

Seinen ersten Kontakt mit Scrum hatte er 1995, als er zur selben Zeit wie Dr. Jeff Sutherland bei der Firma EASEL arbeitete, der dort das erste Scrum Team gebildet hat.

Weiterlesen …



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