Ralph Jocham

Ralph Jocham & Ken Schwaber
Ralph Jocham & Ken Schwaber

Ralph has over 16 years of global (DE, UK, USA, CH) development experience in various technologies and blue chip business domains. Since 2000, when he came in contact with XP, Ralph considers himself as agile and ‘test infected’. He believes that state of the art development practices and a clear business value focus are crucial for the ROI.

In 2003 Ralph combined XP with Scrum. Since then he has been a Scrum evangelist. He is a CSM (2005), CSP (2008), PSM I & II (2009), PSPO I & II (2011), EBMgt Engagement Manager (2013) and Professional Scrum Trainer for Scrum.org.

Before founding effective agile. he worked for Zühlke in Switzerland, ThoughtWorks in San Francisco, USA and Oracle in the UK.

You can read more about Ralph Jocham at www.effectiveagile.com.